Strategy for new growth

Businesses are often weighed down by their legacy. This legacy prevents them from seeing outside their own industry and its practices. Industry specific assumptions and outdated business models do not drive new growth. Successful growth starts with a clear understanding of the critical changes and opportunities around you. We help you find the new opportunities presented by change, and help you start moving in the right direction towards new growth.

  • Reach clarity on emerging technologies, business models,
    and client needs.
  • Understand competition beyond your traditional industry boundaries.
  • Recognize internal assets that are potentially valuable when creating new.



Marketing for New Growth

In the digital age customers are no longer passive receivers of marketing clutter. They chose when and where they engage with you and how messages reach them. Customers don’t just ‘consume’ communication anymore: they actively create it and share content in different social medias. They become part of your storytelling, brand voice and journey. They are not persuaded by irrelevant brand spam but are looking to genuinely connect with you. To earn their attention, companies need an inspiring value proposition to communicate their purpose and help them stand out from the noise.

We help you build a compelling value proposition that sparks engagement and builds lasting connections. We help you create credible ways to share your brand message in the digital landscape and design fulfilling customer experiences.

  • Sharpen you value proposition and make it actionable in digital channels.
  • Create inspired online marketing initiatives and powerful communities.
  • Go beyond conversion optimization and create new traffic to your own digital channels.
  • Explore new opportunities to serve your clients instead of just communicating to them.

Millennial Board

“The important and difficult job is never to find the right answers, it is to find the right question”

Peter Drucker

“Most managers focus on understanding how to make existing processes—the status quo—work a little better (“How can we improve widget sales in Taiwan?”). Innovative entrepreneurs, on the other hand, are much more likely to challenge assumptions.”

Clayton Christensen, Innovator’s DNA



Culture For New Growth

New growth requires a sense of purpose, challenging the existing conventions, the capability to experiment and a mindset for sales and marketing. Existing organizational cultures often slow down the speed with which new growth is generated. We facilitate the change towards a modern growth culture and help you lead and change your organization – with concrete, measurable results.

  • Create a modern culture for finding and executing new growth.
  • Bring permanent tools to lead your culture.
  • Embed a new, growth-driven mindset in your organization.